Vehicle crash data, that may be stored by the “event data recorder” or EDR, is one of the most relied on pieces of evidence in reconstructing and investigating car accidents.

EDR Crash Data Retrieval Tool Kits

There are currently four EDR crash data retrieval tool kits commercially available: Bosch CDR Tool, Tesla EDR Tool, Hyundai EDR Tool and Kia EDR Tool. The Bosch CDR Tool is the most widely used EDR Tool. It was the first tool made available (year 2000) and supports the majority of vehicle brands with one tool. In contrast, the Tesla EDR Tool only supports Tesla vehicles. Review the information below to learn more about each EDR Tool available:

Bosch CDR Tool Kit
Tesla EDR Tool Kit
Hyundai EDR Tool Kit
Kia EDR Tool Kit

Bosch CDR Tool

Bosch CDR Tool: The most widely used EDR tool available today. This EDR tool supports EDR crash data retrieval of over 50 automotive brands.

Tesla EDR Tool

Tesla EDR Tool: This tool is used exclusively for Tesla vehicles. It supports all Model S, X, 3 and Y vehicles.

Hyundai EDR Tool

Hyundia EDR Tool: This EDR tool is manufactured by GIT and is used exclusively for select Hyundai and Genesis vehicles.

Kia EDR Tool

Kia EDR Tool: This EDR Tool is manufactured by GIT and is used exclusively for select Kia vehicles.

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